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The ITF Wales Open is an annual competition hosted by ITF Wales to encourage students to participate in friendly competition. 

The 2024 ITF Wales open poster
ITF WALES OPEN 2024 Final.png
How to Apply

To apply to compete or officiate, fill in the latest version of the application form which is available to download via the links below:

Completed forms to be sent to:

Completed Forms can also be sent to:

7 Lon Owain

Caerau, Ely



Application Forms

NOTE: Colourbelt Competition Only

Rules and Regulations

Standard ITF rules with a few alterations

(full ITF Rules here)


Sparring and Patterns are open to 7 years plus. Special Technique is open to 7 – 13 years. 4 – 7 years compete in Dragons Tail and High Kick events.

7 Year olds can enter either Dragon Tail & High Kick events or Sparring, Patterns & Special Technique


Entry fee: £20 per competitor. £15 for 4 – 7 year olds (Note 7 Year olds entering the Sparring, Patterns & Special Technique events pay £20) . Spectators: Free.

All fees must be by cheque payable to ITF Wales and must be paid in full before the competition date.

ITF Wales Open Medals
ITF Wales Open Medals
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