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Photos of ITF Wales


Photos from Competitions, Seminars and Training.

Competitions including the European Championship, World Championship and various others.

Seminars from different Instructors including ITF Wales President. Grand Master John Taylor IX (9th) Degree.

Training Sessions from various locations and instructors including ITF Wales Head Coach Master Dean Matthews VII (7th) Degree.

Featured Videos

The featured videos shown this time are of two videos that represent the recent World Championships held in Pyongyang, DPR Korea.

The first video is a classic, with a battle of Britain in the Female 2nd Degree Patterns. Miss Charlotte Nickson of Wales Vs. Miss Charlotte McDermott of England. The match made more competitive as the winner is guaranteed a Bronze Medal.

The second video is of a Sky News story about the championships including an interview with Welsh Team Manager Leighton Prosser

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